Why Blogging?

If you’ve been here a while you may have heard the story of Just.Add.Pearls. The one where I was away of a business trip and suddenly it just came to me. I had decided I needed a passion project- something I could totally dive into and not feel sorry about devoting all of my time to. As a newly single gal at the time, it was an opportunity for me to put my effort to better use.

I often get asked what made me decide to establish Just.Add.Pearls. I too find it interesting to know where and how these creative outlets came to be. In honor of National Blogging Day (August 5th), I thought it might be fun to tell you exactly why I decided to start blogging.

I had ultimately decided to shift my focus to “dating” a different aspect of my life and thus- my blog was born. I’ve devoted a little over a year now and I couldn’t have been happier to spend that time learning and growing by myself. This passion project was exactly what I needed to fuel my creative spirit and to help me find confidence and independence within myself.

Blogging had become a new home for my soul to dwell. Its exciting, challenging and has brought so many amazing things and people into my life. My only wish is that I had started sooner!

I am often asked for advice for someone just starting out. I always feel a bit unsure what to say because I too need advice, after all.

My best advice is this:

Just start- Whether its messy, unprepared, unfinished- whatever it is, just do it. Start where you are with what you have.

Be consistent and do what makes YOU happy.

Remember that numbers have very little to do with your worth and very little to do with the quality of your work. Just like the numbers on the scale- they do not define you.

Remember that comparison is the absolute thief of joy and it will rob you of everything if you let it. I struggle the most with this. Stop comparing you day 1 to someones year 5- its not the same.

Find a mentor that lights you up and encourages you to be the best. I love following Jasmine Star. She is a content creator, coach, photography and she offers vital advice for people at the beginning, middle and professional level of their career. She gives guidance for people looking to show up better in social media.

Lastly- nothing worth having comes easy and nothing easy is worth having. Work hard and put the time in. It’ll all work out the way its meant to in its right time.

So there you have it, the rest is history! well, sort of. I am still learning daily about this blogging thing and hope to for many years to come. Follow you heart, trust in the timing and enjoy the ride.

…As for dating: I’m still single. Its been a process and over the past few months- dating during a pandemic has had its challenges. I think it has helped people to move a bit slower (in a good way) and helped to put things into perspective for both men and women. There’s a greater opportunity to get to know someone without rushing things or added pressure- if that makes sense.


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